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  • Manufacturer:
    ITECH Official representative
  • Category:
    Laboratory power supplies
  • Series:
    ITECH IT6800
  • Output voltage type:
    Direct current (DC)
  • Number of channels (DC):
  • Maximum output voltage (DC):
    18 V
  • Maximum output current (DC):
    10 A
  • Maximum output power (DC):
    180 W
  • Voltage resolution (DC):
    10 mV
  • Current resolution (DC):
    10 mA
  • Operating principle:
  • 4-wire sensing:
  • Built-in devices:
    Multimeter (DMM)
  • Peculiarities:
    AdjustableStabilized, Precision, Programmable
  • Connection to computer:
    USB, GPIB (IEEE-488.2), RS-232
  • Operating temperature:
    From 0°С to +40°С
  • Width:
    215 mm
  • Height:
    88 mm
  • Depth:
    355 mm
  • Weight:
    8.5 kg

ITECH IT6831 is a linear (transformer) single-channel laboratory power supply with an output voltage of up to 18 Volts, a current of up to 10 Amperes and a power of up to 180 Watts. The voltage resolution is 10 mV, and the current resolution is 10 mA. Thanks to the linear stabilization method, it provides a clean, ripple-free output voltage.

The laboratory power supply contains an accurate multimeter that measures the actual values of the output current and voltage. If it is necessary to connect to a computer, a replaceable communication module is used, which is located below on this page in the accessories section. Model IT6831 is part of the ITECH IT6800 series.

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