About Us

About Us | 101itconsult.com - Your personal IT specialist!

101itconsult.com is an international IT consulting company specialised in Technology Staffing and e-Business Solutions. We collaboratively work with our clients to determine a logical and cost-effective roadmap for the functionality/application, rollouts, upgrades and ongoing support. We create an environment that attracts top talents and, most important, retains them.

For Our Clients 

Our job is to improve the quality and speed of hiring the right candidate for our clients. Our role is to understand the needs, determine the best consultant and be the focal point of contact for our clients. Our company identifies the hundreds of candidates, qualifies the many, interviews the selected and works with the few selected, so we are able to provide the high-quality service you ask for.

Our commitment to our clients

We will provide the service you need respecting the deadline. 

We will not waste your time.

We will provide you amazing customer service.

We will work hard for you.

For Our Candidates and Consultants

We are actively recruiting candidates for our direct client requirements. We aim to grasp your career and personal goals in order to find the job best matching your criteria. It’s a small world, let's connect for a current position or a future one.

Our commitment to our candidates and consultants

We will return your calls and emails.

We will give you straight answers.

We will offer you advice.

We will show you respect.

We will work together to achieve the best result for our clients.

What we say to our client and candidates

For our clients: Don't waste your time! Ask the service you require and get the results you need for your business.

For our candidates: Don't waste your time! Become one of our Consultants and provide high-quality service for one of the most notable company in the field!

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