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  • Manufacturer:
    ITECH Official representative
  • Category:
    Laboratory power supplies
  • Series:
    ITECH IT6900A
  • Output voltage type:
    Direct current (DC)
  • Number of channels (DC):
  • Maximum output voltage (DC):
    60 V
  • Maximum output current (DC):
    15 A
  • Maximum output power (DC):
    360 W
  • Voltage resolution (DC):
    1 mV
  • Current resolution (DC):
    1 mA
  • Operating principle:
  • 4-wire sensing:
  • Built-in devices:
    Multimeter (DMM)
  • Peculiarities:
    AdjustableStabilized, Precision, Programmable
  • Purpose:
    For laptop repair
  • Connection to computer:
    USB, GPIB (IEEE-488.2), RS-232
  • Operating temperature:
    From 0°С to +40°С
  • Width:
    215 mm
  • Height:
    88 mm
  • Depth:
    355 mm
  • Weight:
    7.7 kg

ITECH IT6942A is a professional DC stabilized laboratory power supply. This model provides very precise voltage regulation up to 60 V and current up to 15 A. The maximum power supplied to the load is 360 W. The IT6942A power supply has a voltage and current change mode according to the list of values (up to 150 steps), an output activation mode for a specified time (from 0.1 to 99 999 seconds), a built-in accurate multimeter, three automatic protections and a quiet cooling fan with automatic speed control.

To connect to a computer, the ITECH IT6942A laboratory power supply contains USB, RS-232 and GPIB (IEEE-488.2) interfaces. Remote control can be performed using the free IT7000 program or using the LabVIEW driver, which can be downloaded below on this page in the Documentation section. Model IT6942A is part of the ITECH IT6900A series. The series has a similar model IT6942B, which contains an additional RS-485 computer interface and an additional connector for controlling voltage and current using an analog signal.

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